Capstone Child development center

Capstone Child Development Center has been invaluable to us.  Three of our four children have attended the center until they reached school age.  throughout the past ten years the staff has always shown immense patience, kindness, and affection to our family.  We feel as if each of our children have been loved, nurtured, and prepared for school by the staff at Capstone.  It is not easy as a parent to have a child in the care of others, but we never had any doubt that our children were in the best of care each and every day.  Mrs. Edie and the rest of the staff have become family to us and we are forever grateful for the impact they have had on our children.

-Oswalt Family

Capstone Child Development has taken care of both our children for over 5 years. First, our daughter

Mallory who is in the 2nd grade and now our son Carson. When our daughter began Pre-K, her teachers

were very impressed as she was educated on the alphabet, colors, numbers, etc. to where Mallory could

assist other students in her class. When we found out we were expecting our son, there was no

hesitation in wanting him to attend Capstone. The staff has always been welcoming, honest as well as

sincere when it comes to caring for our children. My husband and I have no worries when we drop our

son off at daycare as we feel the staff at Capstone Child Development cares for him as their own.


My child has attended Capstone for the last three and a half years.  I'm an educator myself, so I have several non-negotiables that are very important to me.  My son loves his school and everyone that works there and so do I.  As a first time mom, it is reassuring to know that your child is in a safe environment where he can learn and be loved while doing it!


Hillcrest child care center

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Little Peoples Child Care center

We have been sending our daughter to Little Peoples for close to two years and I cannot say enough good things about it. We love Little Peoples! Both directors and every teacher our daughter has had are dedicated, affectionate, smart, and calm under pressure. It was a hard choice for me to enroll our daughter in daycare and return to work full-time, but the staff at Little Peoples made it so much easier for me. I know that she is safe, loved, and well cared for while I'm working. I also love that I don't have to have the extra work of putting together lunch and snacks every day for her. She loves the food at school so much that she often has a second breakfast once she gets there! The best thing that I can say about Little Peoples though, is that every time my husband or I drop off or pick up my child the kids are happy and having fun. I love that she is learning new things every day, socializing with her friends, and most importantly, learning through playing and being active. I would highly recommend Little Peoples to anyone with small children in the Tuscaloosa area. 


Three Bears Child Care center

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